(i) Supporting the currency changeover in Turkmenistan

SNB experts advised the Central Bank of Turkmenistan on the introduction of a new banknote and coin series as part of its currency changeover project. Key issues were the quality and security features of the banknotes, the conversion rate of the old against the new currency, and estimating the amount of notes and coins that were to go into circulation. At the beginning of 2009, the Central Bank of Turkmenistan introduced the new banknote and coin series, thereby successfully implementing its currency changeover project.

(ii) Supporting the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (NBKR) on monetary policy decision-making

The SNB assisted the NBKR in the preparation of its monetary policy decisions. To promote transparency, the NBKR has since then published a press release on its quarterly monetary policy assessment.

(iii) Support for the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) in establishing its reserve management operations

Since 2001, the SNB has assisted the NBS in establishing its reserve management operations. This assistance includes the development and management of investment portfolios, the training of NBS portfolio and risk managers, as well as support in organisational aspects.