SNB Research Conference: Monetary Policy after the Financial Crisis, 24/25 September 2010

Conference Organisation

Call for Papers
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John Stanley Landon-Lane: Exits from Recessions: The U.S. Experience 1920-2007
PDF (572 kB)
Thomas Laubach: Fiscal Policy and Interest Rates
PDF (340 kB)
Vasco Cúrdia: The Central-Bank Balance Sheet as an Instrument of Monetary Policy
PDF (495 kB)
Vasco Cúrdia: The Central Bank’s Balance Sheet as an Instrument of Monetary Policy – Technical Appendix
PDF (236 kB)
Pedro Teles: Short and Long Interest Rate Targets
PDF (185 kB)
Marco Del Negro: The Great Escape? A Quantitative Evaluation of the Fed’s Non-Standard Policies
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Massimo Rostagno: Financial Factors in Economic Fluctuations
PDF (3074 kB)
Luisa Lambertini: Risky Mortgages in a DSGE Model
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Ester Faia: Credit Risk Transfers and the Macroeconomy
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Conference venue
Restaurant Metropol, Zurich
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City Plan
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Organising committee
Ernst Baltensperger, Study Center Gerzensee
Marcel R. Savioz, Swiss National Bank
Samuel Reynard, Swiss National Bank
Conference Secretary
Martina Oswald
Swiss National Bank
P.O. Box
CH-8022 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 631 39 18
Fax: +41 44 631 31 75