SNB Research Conference 2014

Conference Organisation

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Marvin Goodfriend: Monetary Policy as a Carry Trade
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Alex Cukierman: US Banks' Behavior since Lehman's Collapse, Bailout Uncertainty and the Timing of Exit Strategies
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Luca Benati: Economic Policy Uncertainty, the Great Recession, and the Great Depression
PDF (5.9 mB) 
Antoine Martin, James McAndrews, Ali Palida, David Skeie: Federal Reserve Tools for Managing Rates and Reserves
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Jens H.E. Christensen, Signe Krogstrup: Swiss Unconventional Monetary Policy: Lessons for the Transmission of Quantitative Easing
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Saroj Bhattarai, Gauti B. Eggertsson, Bulat Gafarow: Time Consistency and the Duration of Government Debt: A Signalling Theory of Quantitative Easing
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Michael D. Bauer, Glenn D. Rudebusch: Monetary Policy Expectations at the Zero Lower Bound
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Dinner speech
Lars E.O. Svensson, Stockholm School of Economics
Conference venue
Restaurant Metropol, Zurich
Organizing committee
Ernst Baltensperger (Study Center Gerzensee)
Athanasios Orphanides (MIT)
Samuel Reynard (Swiss National Bank)
Marcel R. Savioz (Swiss National Bank)
Conference office
Swiss National Bank
Research Coordination
Boersenstrasse 15
P.O. Box
CH-8022 Zurich, Switzerland