1st Swiss National Bank – Fed Cleveland Workshop on Monetary Economics

On 2/3 July 2002, the Swiss National Bank together with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland held a conference on monetary economics in Zurich. The organising committee consisted of David Altig (Fed Cleveland), Aleksander Berentsen (University of Basel) and Thomas Jordan (Swiss National Bank). Marlene Amstad (Swiss National Bank) compiled a conference report. The programme, report, papers and a list of participants are available as PDF files.

Programme (26 June 2002)
PDF (33 kb)
Conference report
Marlene Amstad, Aleksander Berentsen: Search theory and applied economic research
PDF (359 kb)
Conference papers
Neil Wallace: General Features of Monetary Models and their Significance
PDF (220 kb)
Peter Kugler, Thomas Jordan, Carlos Lenz, Marcel Savioz: Measurement Errors in GDP and Forward-Looking Monetary Policy: The Swiss Case
PDF (206 kb)
Shouyoung Shi: Nominal Bonds and Interest Rates in Search Economy
PDF (354 kb)
Stefania Albanesi: Inflation and Inequality
PDF (430 kb)
Ricardo Lagos, Randall Wright: A Unified Framework for Monetary Theory and Policy Analysis
PDF (351 kb)
Varadarajan Chari:, Patrick J. Kehoe: Time inconsistency and the incentives for free-riding in a monetary union
PDF (132 kb)
David Altig, Lawrence Christiano, Martin Eichenbaum, Jesper Linde: An Estimated Dynamic, General Equilibrium Model for Monetary Policy Analysis
PDF (574 kb)
David Altig, Lawrence Christiano, Martin Eichenbaum, Jesper Linde: Technology Shocks and Aggregate Fluctuations
PDF (694 kb)
Gabriele Camera, Ben Craig, Chris Waller: Gresham's Law versus Currency Competition
PDF (428 kb)
Charles Carlstrom, Timothy Fuerst, Fabio Ghironi: Imperfect Capital Markets and Nominal Wage Rigidities
PDF (254 kb)
List of participants
List of participants (1 July 2002)
PDF (33 kb)
Organising committee
David Altig, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Aleksander Berentsen, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Zentrum, Universität Basel
Thomas J. Jordan, Swiss National Bank, Zürich