Statistical Publications: Reports, press releases and data

Reports, press releases and data

The SNB publishes statistical data in reports, press releases and on its data portal. The reports and press releases provide a commentary on selected data, while the data portal contains predefined tables with notes, remarks and charts, as well as supplementary datasets.

The following table provides an overview of where you can find the information you are looking for. It also shows which charts and tables from the table selection are updated together (so-called publication sets). Information on forthcoming publications is available in the Time schedule on the SNB website or in the Calendar on the data portal.

Statistics about
Reports and press releases
Data portal
Current edition, description and archive
Table selection
Publication sets
Key figures of the SNB
Aggregates and liquidity
Banking sector
Interest rates
Bond yields
Foreign exchange market
Payment operations
Capital market
Other areas of the economy:
Prices and wages
Financial accounts
International investment position
Balance of payments
Direct investment
International indicators
Cross-thematic data